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We're a family owned and operated Miami-based industrial chemicals and finishes distributor which provides sales, service, and consulting to the industrial paint and finishing markets in Florida. We have over 8,000 sq. ft. of warehouse facilities that are fully permitted for heavy industrial manufacturing and distribution.


We just released our latest 2021 FAMIS Woodworking catalog featuring our top quality product offerings. Click the link below to download.

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Supplier of Industrial Finishes and Coatings Equipment

Founded in 1969 as an automotive and industrial paint and equipment supplier, FAMIS offers a comprehensive range of products and services to support the industrial finishing trade, including sales and installation of the simplest paint spray unit to a fully automatic engineered powder or liquid finishing system.


Specialized in paints, sealants and supplies for the marine industry.


We supply a range of paints, stains solvents and thinners for any projects.


Provider of premium equipment and supplies for the automotive industry.


When you need the very best finishes for the most discerning clients.



We offer a complete line of wood stains and glazes as well as finishing supplies that will help you accomplish the gorgeous results you’re looking for.


Our company’s heritage originates from offering the very best metal substrates, paints, primer lines and equipment that provide durability and reliability for a wide variety of industry needs.

Floor & Masonry

We understand the varying needs and conditions of flooring protection and finishing. This is why we offer an array of stains as well as sealants for a range of flooring applications for concrete and masonry, to interior or exterior surfaces.

Powder Coatings

FAMIS is the premier authorized provider of professional powder coating, powder coating supplies and powder coating equipment for major brands such as Axalta, Nordson, BCI, 3M and many more.